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Youkon Royal Wild Salmon - Top Premium Troll - Sushi - Sashimi Quality

Youkon Royal Wild Salmon - Top Premium Troll - Sushi - Sashimi Quality

Raw fish freshly frozen on the boat - line caught - head off & gutted

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Product Information

Youkon Wild Salmon angling line caught Royal Wild Salmon (head off & gutted) is delivered to you frozen (-18°C) with dry ice and can be stored in the freezer (-18°C) or in the refrigerator (0 to 2 °C) for up to 3 days after receipt.

In terms of freshness, Youkon Royal Wild Salmon, once thawed, is biochemically no older than 2 hours after being caught, with no visible sign that it has been frozen - perfect for sushi and sashimi!

The fishing-line-caught royal wild salmon is the premium Alaska wild salmon. It is the strongest and also the most sought-after of all the salmon. In the Alaskan summer, it embarks on its long journey through the clear, cold water to the spawning grounds in its native river, heralding the peak of the migration. In the process, it covers distances of up to 40 km a day and overcomes waterfalls up to 3.60m high.

For its top quality Youkon royal wild salmon is line-caught in the icy waters of the North Pacific of Alaska and is full of life due to its dwelling in the ocean. No other wild salmon is handled more carefully and cautiously from catch to delivery than the line-caught Youkon Royal Wild Salmon.

The so-called "trollers" are small fishing boats with a one-man or two-man crew, which fish with natural or artificial bait attached to the fishing hooks. The trollers have to get their wild salmon one by one in the sea, while in net-fishing the salmon are netted in whole shoals. Of all the commercial fishing methods, this is the one with the lowest catch quota, but with the highest qualities of Youkon royal wild salmon.

The boat moves just as fast as the wild salmon swims. After the wild salmon has bitten the hook and been pulled to the boat with the line, we still let the salmon swim next to the boat until it has calmed down and the lactic acid has been converted again - this way we reduce stress for the wild salmon. It is extremely important for the taste to bring the wild salmon gently into the boat.

Salmon oil content is higher in line-caught wild salmon, especially in "omega-3 oils." We want to catch wild salmon that are at the peak of their physical development. This means that buyers get a wild salmon that is well muscled, has the highest level of omega-3 and other oils, and offers a unique taste.


Its delicate texture and juicy, tender meat make Royal Wild Salmon the most valuable Alaskan wild salmon of the highest premium quality for real gourmets.

Wild Salmon contains 18-20% of high quality proteins, all essential amino acids, vitamins A, B, D and E. Highly unsaturated fatty acids, especially a high proportion of omega-3 fatty acids, niacin, riboflavin, iron, zinc, phosphorus and magnesium. Gram for gram pure nature!