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Youkon Wild Red Salmon Graved - whole side sliced

Youkon Wild Red Salmon Graved - whole side sliced

carefully marinated according to ancient herbal recipes

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Product Information

Enjoy the highest pleasure and incomparable taste.
Youkon Wild Salmon Red Salmon has its natural color exclusively from feeding on crabs, shrimps and prawns. For this reason it is also called "aristocrat" by the native peoples of Alaska. Anyone who has tasted its fine meat, which is rich in vitamins and trained over thousands of miles, knows to rave about the uniqueness of Youkon Wild Salmon. 

Youkon Red Salmon contains 18-22% proteins, vitamins A, B, D and polyunsaturated fatty acids. It is the top premium quality in color, flavor and fineness of the five wild salmon species and is caught in the sea by Alaska's native fishermen in small boats according to ancient tradition. To ensure that this tradition can continue into the future, catch quotas are strictly controlled to guarantee a consistent resource!

This Youkon wild salmon from Alaska is carefully finished according to traditional old recipes. We can pass on a few basics of the well-kept family secret to our wild-salmon-gourmets: selected wild salmons are carefully refined in a marinade of salt, organic cane sugar, selected organic dill and fine organic spices to produce the best marinated salmon. Hand finished and packaged, finely sliced this nature boy comes directly onto your table.

Fishing Seasons

Since we fish exclusively from sustainable stocks, we are accordingly dependent on the precisely regulated fishing seasons. In order to be able to deliver wild salmon all year round and to comply with the food law, wild fish that are smoked, marinated or consumed as sushi or sashimi must be quick-frozen once to -20°C. This circumstance makes it possible for us to ship the wild salmon, after it has been quick-frozen.

Our graved items are shipped thawed and have a minimum shelf life of 14-18 days after the thawing process when kept refrigerated (0°C to 4°C). Since we store all of our items in a frozen state, our graved items can also be delivered to you in a frozen state (-18°C) upon request - if you would like this, please note when placing your order.