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Premium Design Salmon-Set

Premium Design Salmon-Set

high-quality salmon knife with oak cutting board

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Product Information

Premium Design Salmon-Set consisting of:

  • a high-quality stainless steel knife from Solingen/Germany with fluted edge, 31 cm long blade and natural wood handle for professional slicing and filleting of wild salmon
  • a noble natural oak serving / cutting board for professional slicing and filleting of wild salmon - handmade from alpine oak wood in the manufactory in Abersee/Austria with side omitted carrying handles and small burned "Youkon Wilder Lachs"-logo and embedded with natural linseed oil 

This salmon knife is one of the absolute favorite knives of a fish-lover. There is hardly any other knife that can cut a salmon fillet into fine slices so effortlessly and accurately. The thin and narrow blade of this premium salmon knife glides easily through the fillet and cuts cleanly through it.

Which kind of blade is optimal for a salmon knife?

For a salmon knife to be able to do its job, it must meet a few important criteria. First and foremost, these are the shape and the length as well as the material properties of the blade. For this reason, premium salmon knives additionally have hollows worked into the surface of the blade. These hollows, which are extending over the entire length of the blade, further reduce the surface of contact between the knife blade and the fish fillet, making cutting easier. The blade end of a salmon knife, unlike most other knives, is usually rounded and without a point. This fine salmon knife is drop-forged from one piece of chrome-molybdenum-vanadium-steel. The flexible and 31 cm long blade enables flawless, clean filleting of salmon or clamped ham.

The hand-friendly handle is made of fine satine-redwood.