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Youkon Alaskan Halibut Filet - Premium Troll Quality, with skin, without bones

Youkon Alaskan Halibut Filet - Premium Troll Quality, with skin, without bones

Raw fish freshly frozen on the boat, with enclosed organic herb-spice-mix with sea salt

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Product Information

Youkon Alaskan halibut filet is delivered to you frozen (-18°C) with dry ice and can be stored in the freezer (-18°C) or in the refrigerator (0 to 2 °C) for up to 3 days after receipt!

The Alaskan halibut is considered the best halibut species in the world with its tastiness. Its white, juicy meat with a firm consistency makes it one of the most sought-after food fish internationally.

The Alaskan halibut belongs to the genus of plate fish. At larval age, the left eye usually moves to the right side, giving the halibut its typical appearance. An animal usually weighs up to 65 kg, but specimens have been caught weighing up to an incredible 220 kg! The females are usually larger than the males and they can live up to 50 years. The Alaskan halibut prefers to stay just above the seabed to hunt fish, crabs and squid. Halibut spawn during the winter months from November to February and a female can lay up to 3 million eggs, depending on her size.

Interesting to know: Females do not reach sexual maturity until they are about 12 years old!

Convince yourself of our low-fat and tasty YOUKON Alaskan halibut - you will taste the Alaskan wilderness and the careful and sustainable processing at YOUKON.